Monday, August 25, 2014

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the 50 years of "James Bond" films, have you ever seen him deal with a "Guatemalan Chick?" 
Yeah! Me neither! So...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the main event!


I think this is the closest I would ever get to Daniel Craig! LMAO!!

Before I start this blog post, I want to thank my parents for never believing in me! To my "macho" Father who always told me that I couldn't do certain things because I was a "girl". To my conformist Mother for always telling me that I had to "submit" to a man (Either my Dad or a husband). And lastly, thank you to my ex-husband Javier Tiscareno for being a fucking moron! - This should shed some light of the woman I've become: I'm the 'man'. I will never get remarried; and, I have 'bigger balls' and more courage than my ex-husband and my father combined! I wasted 34 years of my life dealing with these 3 negative-toxic people; and quite honestly, I'm happy to be away from them now! 

The past 6 years have been very interesting for me! I've gone through some really exciting moments; and, also through some very nasty shit! (It's going to be a good "Tell All" book, man! Lol!). Yet, I always remain positive regardless of the situation I'm in. I believe that 
"everything is possible" and I guess that's the fuel that motivates me every day! 

I'm currently surrounded by good-positive-energetic people! From the surety that I'm writing bail bonds with (AIA Surety) to my new boss Mike, who happens to be a pretty cool dude! (I'm not kissing his ass, he's actually pretty nice! And he doesn't get into "my" business!). My web-designer Jayson, who's awesome! And my graphic artist Freddy, who's also from Guatemala (this "Chapín" dude has my back!) Of course, I wouldn't be creating and doing what I'm doing today without the help and support from my friend Wendy and her family! The unconditional love, support and understanding from my three teenage kids: Reece, Rio and Sabrina. And many other people who have come to "ride" the "crazy train" with me! LOL! I can honestly tell you that at this moment in my life, and at 40 years old: I am fulfilled! Whatever else I'll accomplish from this point on is a bonus! :-) 

OK! Now let me get to the juicy stuff! On August 15th, 2014 (just a couple of weeks ago), I received an email from the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board letting me know that Danjaq, LLC or as I call them, "the Vagina people" (The name Danjaq is a combination of the James Bond creators respective wives' names: "Dana and Jacqueline"), which owns the "James Bond" films and shit, had filed an opposition to my application to trademark my brand, "SUPER BOND GIRL". Oh man! They just opened a can of worms and they don't even know it! Oh well, I just hope none of these "old farts" gets a heart-attack while dealing with me! hahahahahahahaha!!!! 

Since I blog about my real life; I'm actually very excited to share this process with you, my readers! In this blog post, I have included all the "legal" mambo-jumbo shit that Christopher C. Larkin attorney at Seyfarth Shaw LLP filed on behalf of "the vagina people". I have 40 days (September 24, 2014) to file my answer and respond to these fuckers. Once I do that, I'll post it! So stay tuned! 


Yeah! Turn this shit up!!!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Most People Are Afraid of Going to Hell...

Most people are afraid of going to hell...
I've been there a few times; and, 
I always bring back souvenirs. 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rest In Peace Robin Williams

"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride. 
I love you because I know no other way than this. So close that your hand, on my chest, is my hand. So close, that when you close your eyes, I fall asleep."
(Sonnet XVII - Pablo Neruda)

Rest In Peace Robin Williams
1951 - 2014

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Monday, August 4, 2014

'Cause it feels so "empty" without ME! ;-)

Guess who's back, back again
SUPER BOND GIRL's back, tell a friend...

I've created a monster (SBG), 'cause nobody wants to
see NANCY no more they want SUPER BOND GIRL I'm chopped liver
well if you want SUPER BOND GIRL, this is what I'll give ya
a little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor
some vodka that'll jumpstart my heart quicker than a
shock when I get shocked at the hospital by the doctor when I'm not cooperating
when I'm rocking the table while he's operating (hey!)
you waited this long now stop debating 'cause I'm back,
I'm on the rag and ovulating
I know that you got a job Ms. MARTIN but your husband's heart problem's complicating
So the "WB" won't let me be or let me be me so let me see
they tried to shut me down on TV but it feels so empty without me
So come on dip, bum on your lips fuck that,
cum on your lips and some on your tits and get ready 
'cause this shit's about to get heavy
I just settled all my lawsuits... 

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