Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I'm fragile like a bomb.

Happy New Year to you! May this new year be filled with brightness and happiness so that darkness and sadness stay away from all of us. Shit, I hope so!

I'm glad to be writing again. Thank you to those of you who follow my blog in many different countries and have sent me emails all throughout 2016 and 2017 encouraging me to write again. Most of the emails and messages were wonderful and telling me how much you've missed my writing. I really appreciate you, thank you very much! 

For those of you who don't know, my youngest daughter Sabrina (16) committed suicide in March, 2016 and as you might be able to understand, writing was not one of my priorities. I would be talking and writing about this horrible tragedy in life, of course. I have always been very open to talk about everything and anything. So, I don't have a problem talking about death or suicide. However, I knew that I had to get stronger before I could actually say anything. 

In 2017, I decided to focused on myself. I tried blogging several times, but I ended up in tears after a few sentences. So, I decided to wait until I felt stronger to be able to do so. I began 2017 crawling. I didn't know how to start? What to say? It was a very difficult beginning. I think, it was at the end of January when I finally posted a video on Facebook, thanking everyone for their support. 

Little by little, I began to do better. Mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc., but it was NOT EASY! I never showed anyone my darkest days. I kept telling myself, "Work through the pain. Fucking make it happen!!!" Eventually, I felt like standing up, soon from there I was walking and then jogging. Just like a newborn baby, taking it slow, but making progress. 

I enjoyed last summer. I'm glad I took the time to unplug and relax by the beach without a worry in the world! I spent a lot of afternoons there watching the sunsets, drinking a few beers (which I don't usually do), and listening to Led Zeppelin. On a side note: Led Zeppelin brought me back to life, man! I'll write about that in an upcoming blog. ;-) 

By the end of the summer, I told myself: "I think, I'm fucking ready to run!" I felt like I started to run a personal growth marathon without previous training. Just like that, cold turkey! I'm still running it, but I can tell you that I'm at the last 6 miles. Figuratively speaking, of course. 

I was hoping that people wouldn't be bothering me with stupid crap during this time. I tried as hard as possible to stay away from unnecessary drama caused by others. I already had enough of my own. But, of course... there's always people who are going to start shit! Like my ex-husband's "new" girlfriend and my ex-husband's brother George. (Blogs about these people coming soon). I'm not taking shit from anybody! I never have and I never will! Especially now, that I've lost so much. I worked so hard on myself and I really hope that no one gets in my way this time because I'm going to fucking explode! So, don't get in my way! It's for your own safety! 

I know what I want for my life. I know where it is. I know what it tastes like. I know what it looks like. And, I'm going to go get it!!!!! It's literally the only reason why I'm still alive.  

Super Bond Girl - Nancy Tiscareno 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


My youngest daughter committed suicide last year. And for me, I only had two choices... self-destruct or become the best version of myself. I recently had a friend that told me, "You have to understand that not everyone is like you, Nancy" I said to her, "EXACTLY! People have to understand that I am NOT like them!" And, that's the reason I thought about this quote.

Expressing myself has always been very important to me! I say exactly what I think and feel. I don't lie. Some people like me because of that and some people hate me for it. I can't please everybody. I've been in court, defending my content a couple of times since I began blogging because of the things and people I have written about. (I won both cases, just so you know). But, I'm not going to hide my greatness just because it makes low vibrating energy people uncomfortable.
- "I did not change, I remember who I am; I am a dragon and I do not have to hide my fire from humans anymore." 

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Super girls don't cry

Do you believe in signs? Like when you're not sure what decision to make in your life and you come across an article that talks exactly about your current situation. Or when you hear a song and the lyrics speak directly to you! All those awesome serendipitous moments of clarity when everything makes sense. Yep! That's precisely what happened to me over the weekend. 

I don't listen to music in English at all. Last year, I fell in love with Italian and I concentrated basically in just learning and practicing that language only. This year, I added Portuguese and French to my studies. My music Playlist is a wonderful mix of Italian, Portuguese, and French songs. Actually, it's a mess! But, I love it! ;-)

Sunday night I was driving and I was actually feeling a bit lost, and almost crying. There are so many things that I still want to do in this life time (Non ordinary, non conformity things, you know) and it's really hard to decide what to do when you have so many fucking ideas!!! Ugh! 

So, long story short, I pressed the wrong button when selecting my Playlist and the song "Supergirl" by Reamonn began to play. Ohhhhh man! I haven't heard that song in years, but this time it was definitely talking about me. I had a moment there when I totally lost my cool and I finally cried. I regrouped after my little dramatic incident (Actually, it was a pretty fucking big dramatic incident! Lol). I told myself, "Snap out of it! Just follow the lyrics of the song, 'I'm a Super girl and Super girls don't cry.' I better get my shit together, man! Because 'I'm a Super girl and Super girls just fly.'"

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl

Thursday, August 31, 2017

I'm an uncontrollable bitch with POWER.

I'm the kind of person who's always going to use what people say about me for my own marketing. If they say something positive, I might use it; however, if they're talking shit about me or my kids and I find out about it, I will most definitely use it!

I've always loved finding ways of turning a negative situation or event into something positive, especially if I can use it for my brand. And of course, I don't let anyone get away with bullshit! I never have and I never will! 

Javier Tiscareno
In September 2015, my ex-husband Javier, told our daughters that he couldn't handle them anymore because they had both become "uncontrollable little bitches just like their mom." Aww! Leave it to Javier to always be an asshole to his own kids. This is the reason why he surrendered all his parental rights to me, in October 2015. At the time, I was taking a break from writing. So, I didn't bust his balls right away. 

Unfortunately, my youngest daughter Sabrina, committed suicide on March 19, 2016. She was 16 years old. I don't feel any guilt about her suicide because I was the only parent that never gave up on her! 

I'm getting stronger every day and I hope I can soon start writing again. It's been a while and I've been missing it. Obviously my life has changed, but the fire within me is never going to die. I have so much to write about. 

Yes, I agree with Javier. I am an uncontrollable bitch, but I am an uncontrollable bitch with POWER.   (See how I used his own words for my marketing. Someday, he'll learn to keep his mouth shut).

Nancy Tiscareno - Super Bond Girl